HIDAY FARM - Family Owned and Family Grown!

   The HIDAY FARM Family

 Holly, Adam, Dan, Aaron and Alex 


Dear Friend,

The Hiday Farm was founded in 1987 and consists of 155 acres and is located in Burlington, Michigan.  In 1993, we switched from conventional farming to a grass-based system.  We do not use hormones in our animals and antibiotics are only used in a life-threatening situation.  We do not spray our pastures with pesticides or herbicides.

Because we are a grass-based system, we utilize as much of the growing season as we can to grow our animals.  Beef is usually processed in the Fall.  Pork is processed in the late Summer and Fall.  Chicken is processed mid-Summer through Fall.  Turkeys are processed just prior to Thanksgiving.  If you desire consistent deliveries weekly or monthly or seasonally, etc., we can sit down and discuss a schedule.

Beef – Our cattle are not only grass-fed, they are also finished on grass. In late spring, summer and fall the cattle graze on our organic pastures and in the winter they are fed hay from our organic hay fields.  Most of the cattle we raise are Hereford/Angus crosses and we have some that are half Piedmontese and half Hereford/Angus cross.

Pork – We raise Mangalitsa pigs (an old world Hungarian breed) .  The Mangalitsa’s we raise are from our own breeding stock. 
Please click the "NEWS" tab for more information on our Mangalitsa Pigs.

Chickens and Turkeys – We raise chickens and turkeys in a pasture lot with access to both grain and forage.

Processing – The cattle and pigs are processed at a nearby USDA inspected facility.  All carcasses or packaging will carry the USDA brand/stamp and is legal to be sold and re-sold in any state.

At the Hiday Farm, we operate as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  This means that deposits are required on animals to help support production on the farm.  It also means that we don’t just raise a lot of animals and hope to sell them.  Instead, we gear our production towards the needs of our customers/shareholders.  Once you place an order with us, you become a shareholder in that animal/animals.

We have many individual private shareholders and have handled several larger commercial shareholders.  Our goal is to build a relationship with you that is beneficial to both you and us.  Keep in mind that we are not set up like Sysco Foods.  We need time to gear up to meet your needs, but we will do our best to accommodate you.   We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss what will best meet your needs.